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Must See Religious Monuments in Spain

Spain is home to hundreds of monuments which are located in different parts of the country, in the regions and cities in general. There is practically no place you will go in Spain and fail to see some amazing monuments most of which have a rich history to tell while some have some of the best architectural works and have therefore become treasures to the country. Religious monuments are some of those which cannot be missed and below are the top three that you must visit while in the country.

Seville Cathedral: this is Spain’s largest cathedral which in itself means that it is a great attractions and a treasure to the country. In the list of world largest, the cathedral comes at number three. It is commonly referred to as Catedral de Santa Maria de la Sede and it sits on a site where a grand mosque once stood. Some of the mosque highlights are still very present in the cathedral today. There are lots to see within the cathedral and it is a magnificent piece of work bound to impress.

Montserrat: this is Catalonia’s most sacred and treasured religious place. It is not only the landmark or Catalonia but also a national symbol and it is therefore of great importance and worth visiting and beholding. There is an interesting history behind Montserrat and it remains to be a major attraction to all kinds of visitors stopping by Catalonia or spending their holidays here. It is among the top religious monuments of Spain that cannot be missed for anything.

Santa Maria de Leon cathedral: it is probably the most beautiful cathedral in all of Europe leave alone Spain. Located in the Leon city which is a historical city in Spain, it attracts thousands of tourists who come here to behold its beauty and great works of architecture. The gothic style of architecture adorns this cathedral and it was built using golden sandstone which adds that beautiful highlight to it making it standout from the rest. It is one of the religious monuments that you will never get enough of and there are lots to behold and explore within it.

Spain has lots of religious monuments but these are the top most and those which can’t simply be missed by visitors coming into the country. It is a country that has something interesting in every angle and holidays spent here are the most memorable.

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Must do Things in Majorca

Majorca forms part of the Balearic Islands in Spain and is one of the most beautiful islands that one can choose to spend a holiday in. It has numerous things to offer to visitors and one will therefore need to make up his mind as to which ones can’t be missed while here depending on the length of the holiday.

The Tramuntana Mountains: it is probably the most scenic part in Majorca Island and also serves as a major attraction here. You cannot miss to take a bike ride or walking tour as part of your exploration of the beautiful majestic mountain. While following the trails, you will be impressed by the breathtaking views as well as other features of this mountain. There is for instance a ruined castle and also a hilltop chapel sitting on a mountain rock and overlooking Alaro village. The views here are simply amazing.

The Coastline: Majorca’s coastline is by no means avoidable since it forms part of the island. On the northern part you will find steep cliffs and this is a rockier and wild part of the island while there are ports, caves and coves on the southern part of the coastline. Those who would rather have relaxing walks on the beaches should then choose to be on the west and east coasts of Majorca. There are quieter beaches here as well for those looking for a private kind of experience and they can hire boats to sail through the sea. The beaches are perfect for relaxed and quiet time.

Palma: it is a city that is ideal for interesting and educative walks. It is a great way of discovering the culture and architecture of this island with one of the most outstanding features being the La Seu cathedral with amazing gothic architecture. It was built hundreds of years ago. Palma is also home to the famed Arab baths which showcase the Moorish epoch. You will also find numerous shops on the streets from which you can buy all the things that you need. Boutiques and high street shops are also available here.
Majorca does have lots of other things and places to be explored and enjoyed and it will all depend on the time that you to spare for the island. It is one of those islands promising to give a holiday that is memorable for the longest time.

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Most Striking Mountains in Spain

Tourists choose their ideal holiday destinations based on different things most being what they love most. Nature tends to top the list since there is nothing as good as enjoying natural beauty and wonders as well as features. Luckily, Spain has everything that any kind of tourist could be looking for among them natural grounds. Mountains in Spain are quite striking and offer interesting fun opportunities to those who love nature at its best.

Sierra Nevada: the mountain ranges of Sierra Nevada are perhaps the most popular in Spain. The mountain ranges are simply breathtaking and quite relaxing for those looking for cool, fresh and natural kind of a holiday. The one activity that you can enjoy from the mountain range is hiking as you camp on your way. It is one of the best experiences that you can have in Spain.

Pyrenees Mountains: another very popular mountain range of Spain and is a haven of beauty, and wildness that is charming in a good way. It is one of the most scenic mountains in Spain and forms a border that is most natural between Spain and France. It is a well preserved area and has deep beautiful valleys, snowy peaks and steep cliffs all of which add to the adventure of being here for many tourists.

Climb Mulhacen: this is Spain’s highest mountain and also in the entire Iberian Peninsula standing at 3478 meters above sea level. It is on the mountain range of Sierra Nevada in Granada. The views from the Climb Mulhacen are simply breathtaking and there are lots of activities that visitors can enjoy from here including hiking and camping. It is a very beautiful place to be for any kind of holiday.
Sierra de Tramuntana: it is found within Majorca Island and has Puig Major as its highest point. The point is also the highest making the mountain the highest in Balearic Islands. You can enjoy the views from and around the mountain or even take part in some of the fun activities that the mountain has to offer. Those who love nature with an adventure twist will find the mountain quite impressive.

Penval Difac: it is a small area that is protected and is in fact the smallest in Europe and Spain in general. The most amazing thing about this mountain is that it is a rock formation and a well preserved natural park above Calpe Bay in Valencia. It is the landmark of the town and Costa Blanca. It is quite impressive and offers lots of interesting things to its visitors.

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Festivals, Nightlife And Winter Tourism In Spain

Spain has a lot of festivals in Spain. They are all taken very seriously and they make a lot of people tour Spain just to enjoy themselves during the festivities. Most of the festivals spin around legends, patron saints, folklore and local customs. The more popular festivals are Running of the Bulls, Fallas, Romerio de El Rocio, Fiestas Del Pillar and Toatina. These regions include Valencia, Pamplona, Zaragoza and Bunol.

There are certain events that have really contributed to Spain’s position in the international arena. Some Spanish cities have hosted some really major events. Barcelona hosted the 1888 and 1929 Barcelona International Exposition as well as the Summer Olympics of 1992. Seville hosted the 1992 Universal fair while Valencia and Zaragoza hosted the America’s cup 2007 and expo 2008 respectively.

Another of the more popular festivals is the Carnival popular in Cadiz and Canary Islands. The San Sebastian International Film Festival is one of the most popular movie festivals. Others include Sitgets Film Festival, Mostra de Valencia, the Seminci and Malaga Spanish Film Festivals. These festivals see a lot of movie lovers come to Spain just for the festivals.

Spain also has music festivals. They include the FIB, the SOS, Monegros Desert Festival, Bilbao festival, primavera and Festimad. Some cities in Spain have been European Capital of Culture. In 1992 Madrid was given this title. Santiago de Compstela, Salamanca and San Sebastian were titled as such in 2000, 2002 and 2006 respectively.

Spain’s nightlife is a major attraction. It attracts both locals and tourists. Its nightlife is famed as being the best in the world. Barcelona and Madrid have the most popular discotheques. Madrid is famed for clubs such as Kapital and Pacha. Barcelona’s favorites are are Sutton and Opium. Most of these discotheques operate even during odd hours. Other party destinations include Mallorca and Ibiza. They are also great for summers.

Spain is a mountainous country, the second in Europe. The high mountains make it ideal for skiing especially over winter. There are a lot of resorts in most of the regions and this opens Spain’s inlands all the more. There are some famous ski strips spread all over Spain. Some of these are; Sierra Nevada, Sistema Iberico, Sistema Central and the Pyrenees. Those who love skiing or are willing to learn get a great opportunity in Spain

The festivals, nightlife and winter games attract a lot of locals as well as tourists every year in Spain’s entire region. This highly helps Spain grow stronger.

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Culture As A Tourist Attraction In Spain

Spain is a country that can be described as multi cultural region. It is a crossroads of many civilizations. It therefore has a lot of historical towns and cities. Spain’s major destinations are to include the conspicuous two cities; Barcelona and Madrid. They are not only Spain’s outstanding tourist destinations, but also Europe’s as a whole. There are a lot of attractions in both cities that make them an all time favorite.

They are also important centers for education, commerce, entertainment, fashion, media, arts, music and sports. They have truly earned their title as global cities. Many cities in Spain have been crowned World Heritage Cities. They are thirteen to be a little exact. The declaration was made by UNESCO. Some of the cities are Toledo, Tarragona, Segovia, Santiago de Compostela, San Cristobal de La Laguna, and Salamanca among others.

Spain is home to World Heritage Sites adding up to 44. More sites that have been rated as first class include Seville, Santander, Granada, and Oviedo among others. All these places are historical and have a very lively agenda of culture. They are major attractions to Spain.

Places named as cultural centers by UNESCO (United Nations educational and cultural organization) are important places to natural and cultural heritage. Spain allowed UNESCO to include its sites in the organizations list. Other sites that are recognized and attract tourists are The Mosque of Córdoba, Alhambra, Granada, Burgos cathedral, among many others. The years have seen more of sprains cultural sites added to the list.

Today, there are 44 such sites. Italy has the most and so Spain naturally comes in second. The 44 sites are made up of 39 cultural sites, 3 natural ones while the remaining two are hybrid consisting of both natural and cultural criteria. This criterion is set by UNESCO and is standard.

The heritage site of Pyénées is shared by both France and Spain while Spain also shares the rock sites located in siege Verde with Portugal.

In the Altamira cage, you get to see a lot of cave painting extracted from the period known as upper Paleolithic. There are 17 caves and Spain has maintained them over the years. The maintenance has been made all the more easier because of their isolation from external climate.

Constructed in the 1st century and still standing to date is the Roman Aqueduct. The 11th and 16th century saw the construction of Medieval Alcázar palace and the Cathedral respectively. There is also Kingdom of Asturias that is a Christian region. There is a lot of architecture. For lovers of history and architecture, Spain is the ultimate place for you.

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